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Guard Security in Edmonton is the Right Security for Your Premises

We at Security Force provide topnotch level guard security in Edmonton, AB for both longer and shorter time durations. To ensure the protection of our clients, we have meticulously trained guards under the superb supervision.

Sensing the people's need regarding security in Edmonton, we have trained our security guards to handle any critical situation that one can imagine. Our guards are licensed professionals, keeping years of experience. They are highly trained and have undergone through very strict training schedule to ensure the protection of client's property etc. Moreover, our security guards know how to maintain a good relationship with their clients and long for positive response from them by keeping themselves well-behaved. They are loaded with all the latest technology like mobile phones and real time computerized electronic clocking systems. It keeps them connected with our center that keeps an eye on their welfare and performance.

Seeing the need for security guard in Edmonton, we made plans to provide our services for various events, places such as;

  • Hotels and Restaurants security.

  • Commercial/Residential Building Security.

  • Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities.

  • Educational Institutions (School Security, Campus)

  • Estate, Auctions, Tent Sales, Wineries, Marinas.

  • Houses of Worship.

  • Art Galleries/Museums.

  • Night Clubs.

In addition, to ensure the protection of industrial units and business centers, we have specially trained guards for these sites. Moreover, they are available with full team even for shorter time durations like 2-4 hours for sites like those.

A supervisor is always sent with team of security guard to ensure everything goes well at sites like industrial units, business tower etc. Depending upon the quantity of business towers, security guards are allotted. For instance, a single guard is sufficient for small unit, otherwise more than one security guard is needed to guard big towers. Talking about shopping units, numbers of security guard in a team can be up to 8. Our security guard service is available 24 hours depending upon the need of the client.

Guard Security: Service
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