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Uniformed Security Officer Edmonton, Alberta

One of the most important services that Security Force offers in Edmonton is 'Uniformed Security Officer'. The team of it consists of officers that are very cautiously selected, screened, recruited and professionally managed. They are highly experienced and trained to deter any type of criminal activity or incidents prior they occur. We crave for customer's satisfaction that is why; we are a topnotch company is proving exceptional security service. Our officers are well uniformed and keep badges on both of the shoulders because badges are identify of a security officer that represents company's name. They acquit themselves with dignity by greeting visitors with gentleness, maintain discipline etc.

It doesn't matter for which purpose you need security; whether it is for business or for community, we are here to serve you at anytime and at your convenience. Our uniformed security officers can perform various duties in the time of need, to ensure your safety and goodness. We provide uniform security officers for several kinds of places such as;

Clients who hire Security Force uniformed security officer Includes:

  • Shopping Centers and Retailers

  • Corporations

  • Educational Facilities, Schools, School Districts (high schools, colleges, universities)

  • Construction Site Managers and Construction Companies

  • Mine Supervisors

  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities

  • Hotels, Meeting Spaces and Convention Centers

  • Manufacturing Companies

  • Real Estate Development Companies and Building Managers (office buildings, gated communities)

  • Transportation Hubs (airports, train and bus stations)

  • Nonprofit Agencies

  • Holy Places (Churches, Synagogues)

We believe in keeping ourselves with advanced equipments. All our personnel carry mobile phones and real time computerized clocking system with them that helps our control center to keep an eye over them and their activities. On our client's demand, we provide detail information of our officers and to check their track record before hiring them.

Uniformed Security Officers: Service
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